Blue Moon Outfitters Story


Here it goes….The Blue moon Yurt was born in 1995. The founders, two long time whitewater river guides, Lisa Whisnant & Bruce Rumbaugh hatched a wild idea that would end up combining their love of group dynamics with a unique winter wilderness experience. It was that nagging question that came up at the end of every river season, “What can we do in the winter that’s similar to the magic of a river trip?” So with active and vivid imaginations, they jumped off the plank and put their plan in motion. Their goal? create a memorable experience that instigates that magical buzz between people and nature. Their idea? offer a unique winter culinary adventure, which combined the activity of cross country skiing or snowshoeing, the light of glowing tiki torches, a warm cozy yurt, an ethnic cuisine that rocks the flavor zone and the special camaraderie between new found friends. And so the Blue Moon Yurt was born…


Who are they? They’re what we call yurties. They are passionate people with a serious zest for life. Their goal is to have fun and share their enthusiasm with others. They are artists, carpenters, river guides, ski mountaineers, hammock & hat makers, mothers & fathers, college students, nurses, grill masters & secret chefs. Their names only touch the surface of who they are…they’re known as; The Vikster, Murphy Girl, Sassy Pants, Davey, Zippy, Fabulous, Jamie Cakes, Tiki-Mon, Lotsa, Tiny, Greggles, Bruce-A-Ree & Whizzy.

*Rev it up! * The crew’s day starts early with a good cup of joe in hand and a huge hug. It will be a 16 hr. day for some, but they know that the day’s efforts are paramount in building an incredible evening for yurt guests. There are deliveries to deal with, shopping, packing, and skiing the gear into the yurt under their own power. There’s the set up inside & out, lots of snow shoveling and the evening won’t end until they’ve prepped, served and shared the yurt magic. These yurties are tough cookies who throw their heart & soul into their work and always with a big smile.

Our wonderful guests! Who are they? They come from every avenue of life with much to share. Their stories are captivating and their spirit infectious. For us, it’s our guests that make an evening at the yurt magical. The Blue Moon crew would like to sincerely thank all those who have walked through the yurt doors and shared in the experience. Cheers to you all!

Guests Reviews

New Years Eve 12/31/10

Dear Lisa and Blue Moon Crew,
We don’t know how to begin to thank you for such an amazing New Years Eve! We all agreed that there was one word to sum up the entire night…magical. Everything from the candles to the food to the company to the service was magical! We couldn’t have planned a more amazing night! Thank you!
Catie & Will Wardwell

Special Thanks

Special thanks to David "Tiny" Denning at Immersion Development for an incredible website design, Janet Murphy (Murphy Girl), of JMurphy Designs for sharing her boundless creativity in graphic art design and producing a sassy but classy logo and Jamie Laidlaw (Jamie Cakes) for all the beautiful photography which captures the Yurt magic.


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